KORCOS School Representatives

Welcome to the General Board!


Thank you for your voluntary commitment to support KORCOS, a collaborative and interconnected professional development (PD) council composed of professional institutions and organizations sharing the same vision. As a representative, you are the main conduit between KORCOS and your institution. You represent your institution or organization while in KORCOS board meetings and when presenting information about KORCOS to your institution or organization. You are an ambassador of KORCOS, a global council of international schools with memberships representing more than 50 nationalities wherever you travel, locally or globally. Your continued voluntary service as KORCOS Board Representative is most welcome. Every five years of uninterrupted service earns a KORCOS service pin and a certificate of meritorious recognition. Once again, thank you for commitment and welcome to the team.

Rules and Regulations for KORCOS Member Representatives

The role of a KORCOS school representative is a critical one that involves proper and clear communication between member institutions or organization and KORCOS. As such, many of the roles and duties of a representative concern communication between their respective member institute or organization, the KORCOS executive board, and/or other member institutions.

Each KORCOS-member organization or institution is entitled to two representatives to the KORCOS Board, in the recommended following distribution:

  • One (1) from the administration
  • One (1) from the general body

Any representative from the general body of a member organization or institution may be authorized by the same entity to represent its administration.

The duties of a registered KORCOS representative are as follows:

01 The KORCOS member institution or member organization representative should attend board meetings regularly as scheduled by the KORCOS Board. A KORCOS board representative needs to attend at least four (4) meetings, either in person or online through a Google Hangout©, during the academic year from August to June of the following calendar year.

02 The KORCOS Board representative is the main communication conduit between KORCOS and the member institution or organization and as such, must work to encourage and facilitate communications between KORCOS and all member institutions or organizations.

03 Any official communication sent to the KORCOS representative should be disseminated to the organization or institution represented, at the soonest possible time. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Information pertaining to the annual KORCOS conference
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Competitions
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Available grants
  • Job-Alike Meetings
  • Leadership institute activities

04Communication to KORCOS from the organization or institution represented should be coursed through the representative in a timely manner, and shared with the KORCOS board the soonest possible.

05Serve as contact representative for KORCOS to availability of venues, rooms, furniture, appliances and such other applications that may be borrowed or used by KORCOS for conferences, Job-Alike Meetings (JAMs), Youth Leadership Institute events (YLI), and other professional development activities

06As a KORCOS board representative you have the authority and responsibility to represent your member institution at any KORCOS related event.

07As a KORCOS board representative, you must act for the mutual benefit and interest of KORCOS and ones member institution.

08During annual pre-conference preparations, in order to ensure the success of the conference, the KORCOS representative is responsible for fulfilling the following duties for their respective institution:

  • Receive official KORCOS conference information from organizers and immediately share it with the member institution or member organization; to provide necessary feedback at the soonest possible time
  • Identify conference assets in one’s organization or institution: technology adept faculty/staff, subject area experts, curriculum designers, and such other related fields of expertises
  • Encourage respective institute or organization members to present at the conference
  • Contribute ideas at board meetings or through email that will assist in making the conference a success for all those involved
  • Collect names and email addresses of all attendees from the KORCOS member institution or organization represented, and promptly share the data with KORCOS communications and conference organizers
  • Receive official KORCOS conference I.D. tag template from organizers and immediately share with the member institution or member-organization represented for name tag production, and distribution
  • Receive official KORCOS conference certificate of attendance template from organizers and immediately share with the member institution or member-organization represented for certificate production and distribution to faculty/staff with confirmed attendance
  • Encourage respective institute or organization conference attendees to complete conference feedback forms in a timely manner

09At the annual KORCOS conference, Job Alike meeting (JAMs), or any other KORCOS sponsored professional development event, the KORCOS representative is responsible for the fulfillment of the following duties:

  • Wear an ID tag that identifies oneself as KORCOS Board Representative
  • Assist conference/PD participants directly with any problems at hand
  • Facilitate the communication of needs expressed by conference/PD participants to the appropriate conference committee, to the Conference Coordinator, the JAM Coordinator, or directly to a KORCOS Executive Board officer depending on the nature of the issue’s urgency.

10Suggest such other functions as may be fitting to one’s post as KORCOS Board Representative directly to the KORCOS Board during its meetings, or by email to the Communications Coordinator or directly to the President.

11The representative must inform the KORCOS board, via the Vice President of Membership, of turnover or continuance of duties as a KORCOS representative prior to the start of the academic year in August.

12If the representative is unable or unwilling to complete any of the duties associated with the position during the course of the academic year, said position is forfeit, and a new representative must be appointed within 30 days.