Job-Alike Meetings (JAMS)

Updated KORCOS Job-Alike Meeting Criteria (December 2018)


Provide an opportunity for professionals in similar positions to share their perspectives on practices and issues faced by international educators in their pursuit of excellence.


Please email KORCOS Communications Director ( with the following information so it can be sent out to all member schools:

  1. Location, Time, Date
  2. Topic/Subject (e.g. AP Chemistry, ES Math, Early Childhood, Nurses, etc.)
  3. Sign-Up form
  4. Name and email of organizing personnel



Please consider the following in organizing your session – these are meant to be helpful in your planning!


  1. Contact registered attendees to develop an agenda that reflects participants’ interests and needs.
  2. Be prepared to raise a few thought-provoking questions to encourage and enliven discussion; have a focus for what you wish for your meeting to accomplish.
  3. Consider discussion protocols to help all voices be heard
  4. Share suggestions from participants on their needs for future meet-ups, conferences and/or possible presenters, internal or external.


After a successful job-alike, submit receipts for reimbursement from KORCOS for snacks; per agreement by the 2018-19 general board, 10,000 KRW per KORCOS member school teacher in attendance will be reimbursed, up to 300,000 KRW maximum.  Please submit this information electronically to and CC



If a non-KORCOS member school teacher would like to attend any job-alike meetings, the hosting school can use its discretion for any fee deemed appropriate; this decision would be independent of KORCOS.


Upcoming JAMS

Please see our calendar for information on any upcoming JAMS.