Most KORCOS board meetings are held at ECLC International Kindergarten in Seoul.

ECLC International Kindergarten

12 Jangmunro-6-gi, Yongsan-gu
Seoul 04393




Line 6 - Noksapyeong Station - Exit 3

Upon exiting the station, head south, away from Namsan Tower. Follow the sidewalk for about 600 meters until you reach a pedestrian overpass. Cross the street using the overpass and continue heading south, away from Namsan Tower. The overpass stairs will leave you facing north. When you get to the bottom of the stairs turn around and continue south. You will shortly reach a fork in the road. Follow the smaller road to the left. You will soon pass a Starbucks on your right. Walk past the Starbucks for 100 meters until you reach the first intersection. The Hotel Capital will be on your left. Follow the small road on your right. The school is the tall gray building about 100 meters down the road on the right-hand side. The school is opposite the Nigerian embassy.

 map TO ECLC

If you require assistance please call the school at


Seoul Subway Map

As taxi driver may not know the exact location of the school. It may be easier to ask the driver to take you to the Hotel Capital and then walk the short distance to the school.

In Korean for the taxi driver:

??? ??? ??????.

????? ??? ??? 23 ?????